Mary Wilkinson

I sold my soul to be a good copywriter.
What can I sell for you?

What I do

If you want to make people do something, you have to make them feel something first.

My words have gotten people excited about their creative potential.

My words have inspired people to treat their employees better.

My words have made people want to seek spiritual enlightenment through the purchase of expensive beauty products.

My words have made boomers want to spice things up in the bedroom.

My words have compelled people to reward themselves with sugar, liquor, and SUVs.

My words have made people see that true luxury is about actualization, not an address (while still making them want the address).

My words have shown people the value of financially supporting people they’ll never meet.

My words have made people reconsider their perception of mental health treatment.

My words have made people crave a coffee while swiping for a hot piece of ass (won an award for that one).

My words have gotten the attention of small business owners and global CEOs.

My words have helped change consumer perception, increase sales, and secure millions in funding.

My words have helped companies figure out where they stand, next to the fifty other brands selling the same thing.

If my words have made you want to learn more about me, send me an email.

If you want to know what I really think, keep reading.

What I think

I don’t love working in advertising.

My words have persuaded people to buy products they don’t need, to believe purchases will fulfill them, and to think that brands are invested in their well-being more than making a profit.

As a writer, I want to connect with people, and I let companies exploit that desire to achieve their objectives.

I don’t love helping brands separate people from their money. Nor do I love contributing to an industry that preys on people’s fears and egos.

What I do love is working with people who have a challenge that needs solving; a challenge that can be solved through smart communication, and by choosing words that resonate with people.

I like helping that one person find the perfect words. And if it doesn’t contribute to our impending societal collapse, all the better.

If you want to learn more about how my disdain for advertising is an asset, send me an email.

If you want to know how my knack for emotional manipulation helps my clients, here’s a quick rundown.